At Saikel, we understand our riders have varied preferences, health & fitness levels, and goals. We offer 5 varied and unique class styles to serve all levels of rider. No matter the class, YOU choose your resistance and work output. Your time. Your ride.

Beyond our regularly scheduled programming, we also offer advanced classes to help our riders reach that next level of performance, workshops to help riders focus on perfecting their form and learning new choreo, and fun themed rides to appeal to all music tastes. Check our regularly updated schedule for these specialized class offerings!


Saikel 101

New to indoor cycling? This is the ride for you! Learn the lingo and get into the groove of ‘saikeling’ with Saikel 101, designed with a focus on proper ride form, managing wattage, and maintaining your rpm. Saikel 101 includes 3-4 minute sets with lots of recovery time in between. 

Saiked Up

Saiked Up features intense intervals and short recovery breaks. No choreographed upper body movements. Focus on your cycle form to maximize wattage and energy output. You can expect to be a hot mess after this ride.


Saikel Sound

Welcome to the party. Saikel Sound incorporates choreographed upper body movements, all to the beat of the music. You can expect a challenging and empowering experience with this ride. Dip, pump, race, and tap it back. Includes a light upper body weight track to give your legs a mid-spin recovery.

Looking for the ultimate post-spin high? You’ll find it with Saikel Sound.

Saikel Climb

Saikel Climb features lower RPMs and longer intervals in and out of the saddle. We focus on hills, heavy legs, and using data of average power to make fitness gains. Instructors use a competitive leaderboard feature to allow riders to compete evenly on a power per bodyweight measurement (if one chooses to do so!).

Come experience the hills of Manitoba and watch your fitness CLIMB.

Saikel Sweat

Saikel Sweat incorporates HIIT, tabata, and hills to give you the ultimate athlete training experience. Includes a light upper body weight track, giving your legs a mid-spin recovery.

Unleash your inner athlete with Saikel Sweat.